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Dr. Ajai Lall
Gary Holloway
Executive Director
David Empson
Executive Director, ICOM

Our Global Gathering in Damoh will be 12th January (Thursday) till the noon of 15th January, 2017 (Sunday).
It is not too early to start saving and planning to be part of this once in a lifetime experience!

This is an invitation to a great blessing.

Now, our Global Gathering will be in DAMOH, India. from 12th January,2017 (Thursday) till the noon of 15th January,2017 (Sunday). It is not to early to start saving and planning to be part of this once in a lifetime experience.

This is an invitation to a great blessing
January 12-15, 2017, you have a chance to experience a life-changing few days. On those dates, World Convention will have its Global Gathering in Damoh, India. You are invited!

How will you be blessed?
• By worshipping together with thousands of Christians from all over the world, praising God together in dozens of languages.
• By hearing the good news of Jesus proclaimed by speakers, focusing on the theme, “God Tears Down Walls to Build Bridges.”
• By participating in programs for children, youth, or those of Global Women Connecting.
• By receiving reports of what God is doing in our churches.
• By eating with Christians from other nations, sharing your stories of faith.
• By experiencing the people and places of India through tours or mission trips.
• By gaining a wider view of God’s kingdom work in our world.
• By having a foretaste of the day when an uncountable number from every nation, tribe, and language gather around the throne of God in praise.
You have a year to get ready for the experience of a lifetime!
You will be blessed and be a blessing!

We plan to meet at CICM Campus in Damoh. The place is a small town surrounded by hills and green fields. It is an old mission center of restoration movement

82 high 52 low (Fahrenheit), 25 high, 9 low (Celsius)

Getting there
Daily 2 flights of One & a half hour to Jabalpur (closest airport to the venue). From Jabalpur 2 hours road travel to Damoh.

$1400 from Nashville, Dallas, Indianapolis; $1200 from Sydney; $800 from Johannesburg or Nairobi; $1600 from Sao Paulo; $1000 from London; $1100 from Toronto. All travel prices are approximates.

Tourism sites
We gather not as tourists, but as brothers and sisters in Christ to have fellowship and to learn with and from fellow Christians from all over the globe. We gather to witness the work of God in India. We gather to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus over the entire world. More information will be coming in the next months, but start now to think and pray and plan to attend this great meeting of God’s people.

Please keep the ministry of World Convention in prayer.

God is at work among us!


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